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30th of March 2022
ASKAP DINGO pilot survey results
by Roychowdhury et al.
The Deep Investigation of Neutral Gas Origins (DINGO) is an ongoing deep survey of GAMA fields in HI 21 cm emission using the Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder. Roychowdhury et al. present results from 17.7 hours of Phase I Pilot Survey observations of the G15 GAMA equatorial field, and compare it with results from the ALFALFA survey undertaken with the Arecibo 300m telescope. The team measured how the atomic gas (HI) fraction (the mass in neutral hydrogen as a fraction of the total mass of the galaxy) of galaxy groups and pairs, taken as single units, varied with average stellar mass and average star-formation rate, compared to isolated galaxies. From the DINGO-based study, the mean atomic gas fraction in groups appears to be lower compared to isolated galaxies. However, the ALFALFA-based study reveals a substantially higher mean atomic gas fraction in groups compared to isolated galaxies, indicating the presence of substantial amounts of HI not associated with cataloged member galaxies in low mass groups. The results have been published in the Astrophysical Journal.

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