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30th of November 2022
ATNF Colloquium
The impact of SKA on Galactic Science: a glimpse at the Galactic plane with SKA precursors
Grazia Umana (INAF, Italy)
Abstract: About 50-70% of the first five years of SKA operations will be devoted to KSPs, and probably also to Generic Surveys that maximize commensality to a wide range of scientific objectives. There are already several proposed KSPs focused on Galactic Science and we foresee many other KSP concepts being submitted under the breadth of Our Galaxy SWG. SKA, providing better sensitivity and angular resolution than any of the ongoing/planned surveys of the Galactic plane, will give the opportunity to create a sensitive wide-field atlas of Galactic radio emission and to address several topics in the field of Galactic radioastronomy. In this talk, I will summarize the ongoing work aimed at achieving skills and expertise in the run-up to the development of the full SKA to be ready and competitive for leading and participating in a SKA KSP dedicated to Galactic studies, with particular regard to recent results from the use of SKA precursors.

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