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31st of May 2022
Pulsar observations at Parkes
by Zhou et al.
Zhou et al. present the first flux density measurements, spectral indices, pulse profiles, and correlations of the spectral index with pulsar parameters for 19 pulsars employing the Ultra-Wideband Low (UWL) receiver on the Parkes radiotelescope, Murriyang. PSR J1848−1952 was first discovered in a pulsar survey undertaken with the Molonglo and Parkes radio telescopes at 408 MHz in the 1970s. The mean pulse profile of PSR J1848−1952 at both 2368 MHz and 1369 MHz consists of two close sharp components. The total intensity is shown in black, linearly-polarization, and circular-polarization are shown. The PA variations are different, but the linear and circular polarizations are almost the same at two frequencies. The overall pulse has obvious linear polarization, and the trailing component is less linearly polarized than the leading component. The sharp components suggest the pulsar is relatively nearby, as the pulse has not been significantly scatter-broadened during its passage through the interstellar medium, and the ATNF Pulsar Catalog confirms the Dispersion Measure for this pulsar (a proxy for distance) is in the lowest 5% of pulsars for which a DM has been measured.

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