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2nd of May 2023
ASKAP Update for April
by Aidan Hotan
April's ASKAP update describes plans to resume survey operations and assess the performance of Setonix as the new data processing platform, summarises a new ASKAPsoft release, and gives details of an investigation into ASKAP's astrometric accuracy. The figure above shows the average astrometric errors with respect to the RACS-low catalogue for a series of VAST epochs taken during full survey observations over the last few months. The offsets are usually less than the indicated 2 arcsecond level, but poor weather conditions can cause more rapid departure from the phase solution of a given bandpass observation, leading to larger errors on occasion. The 2 arcsecond accuracyis due to the fact that with ASKAP's wide field of view, we currently do not phase reference in the same way that single-beam interferometers typically do. Regularly placing a phase reference source in each beam one by one would add significant overhead to ASKAP observations. The Update describes several other options that are under consideration. (Image credit: Emil Lenc)

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