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3rd of November 2023
ACAMAR workshop on Cosmic Magnetism
The 2023 ACAMAR workshop on Cosmic Magnetism is being held this week in Shanghai, with an in-person hub in Perth (visible at top left in the photo above!). The goal of the workshop is to foster collaboration and new scientific projects surrounding ongoing Cosmic Magnetism surveys. The workshop has a focus on small group sessions to make real progress on new Cosmic Magnetism science. The workshop began with a limited number of talks on ongoing projects, and will finish with summary presentations on what was achieved. Particular emphasis is being placed on a number of current surveys and projects, including the ASKAP POSSUM survey project, GMIMS/PEGASUS, the ATCA QUOCKA project, RACS/SPICE-RACS, and the MWA GLEAM/POGS project. The workshop is also providing the opportunity to learn about the SKA Regional Centre in China and how it can be used to deliver ongoing magnetism science.

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