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4th of August 2023
David Malin Awards 2023
The NSW Central West Astronomical Society holds an annual astrophotography competition, the David Malin Awards, with the winning entries being announced recently. David Malin worked for 26 years at the Anglo-Australian Observatory as photographic scientist and astronomer. Over his career he invented new ways of revealing information on astronomical plates, earning an international reputation.

The image above, by Geoff Healy, is entitled "The Dark Doodad and Surrounds" and was winner in the Deep Sky category. The judges' citation reads "Under the veil of dark Victorian skies, an ancient globular cluster and an enigmatic dark nebula spring to life in this 10.6-hour winning image. Skilfully presented interstellar dust and great noise control create a cosmic ballet of light and darkness, lending the image a palpable sense of depth." (Image: © Geoff Healy)

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