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5th of May 2023
Another eclipse!
The image above shows ASKAP observing during the solar eclipse on April 20th. (And it is apparent ASKAP is pointing close to the Sun as the shadow of the PAF falls very close to the centre of the dish!) A solar eclipse occurs when the moon comes directly between the Sun and Earth. And when this alignment occurs at new moon, then about two weeks later (or earlier) the Earth will lie directly between the moon and the Sun, at full moon. That is indeed the case this time, with a lunar eclipse occurring on Saturday May 6th. However, on this occasion the moon enters the Earth's penumbra, or partial shadow, and so the eclipse is not as noticeable as a total lunar eclipse, when the moon can appear quite red, as it is illuminated by light refracted by the Earth's atmosphere. (Image credit: Michael Reay)

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