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5th of September 2023
EMU discovery of a large supernova remnant
by Filipović et al.
Filipović et al. present the serendipitous detection of a new Galactic Supernova Remnant (SNR), G288.8-6.3, using data from the ASKAP-EMU survey. A multi-frequency analysis confirms this object as an evolved Galactic SNR at high Galactic latitude with low radio surface brightness and typical SNR spectral index of -0.4. The angular size is 1.8 x 1.6 square degrees, with an estimated intrinsic size of ~40 pc, which implies a distance of ~1.3 kpc and a position of ~140 pc above the Galactic plane. This is one of the largest angular size and closest Galactic SNRs. Given its low radio surface brightness, the team suggest that it is about 13000 years old.

The ASKAP image of the Galactic SNR G288.8–6.3 at 943 MHz is shown above, convolved to a resolution of 30 arcseconds × 30 arcseconds. The magenta ellipse marks the position of the gamma-ray source 4FGL J1028.7–6431c (68% containment), while the cyan cross marks the position of the nearby radio pulsar J1036–6559. The yellow rectangular box marks an area considered in more detail in the paper. The grey scale (in Jy/beam) is displayed on the right side, using a logarithmic scale.

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