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7th of September 2023
Variables and Slow Transients workshop
by Laura Driessen
Over the last three days of August the Variables and Slow Transients with ASKAP (VAST) survey team got together at CSIRO Marsfield to talk all about radio transients with ASKAP. The VAST team is using ASKAP observations at various cadences to search for and investigate the things that change in the radio sky. This includes tidal disruption events, radio flare stars, intermittent pulsars, X-ray binaries, magnetars, extreme scattering events, intra-day variables, radio supernovae, the orphan afterglows of gamma-ray bursts and even flares and bursts whose origins are a mystery (for now). The main goal of the workshop was to plan future projects, learn more about the tools available to the team, and explore the amazing ASKAP data that we already have. Keep an eye out for even more exciting results from the team!

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