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15th of February 2023
ATNF Colloquium
"That is not only not right; it is not even wrong." - Wolfgang Pauli
Nipanjana Patra (Curtin)
Abstract: Corroboration of the detection of a redshifted 21cm signal from the Cosmic Dawn is more challenging than the first detection. For, there exists no independent science-verification framework against which an individual telescope's output can be tested to claim any successful detection. Consequently, experimental findings cannot be unambiguously verified, especially when unsupported by existing observational evidence. HYdrogen Probe of the Epoch of REIONization (HYPEREION) is an experiment designed to corroborate the first detection of the Cosmic Dawn signal. For the first time, the instrument design approach has delivered a set of global standards to be met by any second-generation 21cm experiments to claim a successful detection and corroborate each other's findings. In this talk, I will discuss the instrument design, measurement methodology, initial results, and future plans.

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