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17th of February 2023
Wajarri Yamaji artworks for ASKAP Survey Science Projects
Artists of the Wajarri Yamaji, native title holders and Traditional Owners of Inyarrimanha Ilgari Bundara, the CSIRO Murchison Radio-astronomy Observatory, have created a series of paintings that reflect some of the research occurring with the telescopes located there, and ASKAP in particular. We have previously featured the artworks for the EMU, DINGO, GASKAP-OH, and WALLABY Survey Science Projects, and today's ADAP is the painting for GASKAP-HI, by Robyn Boddington, who describes the picture: "Colours of the universe back in ancient time, represent many groups of our people". The original is an acrylic on canvas artwork, with dimensions 600mm x 450mm.

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