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17th of November 2023
SKA Science Working Groups
The SKA Observatory established some years ago a number of Science Working Groups (SWGs) to provide a conduit for interaction with the astronomical community. The SWGs cover the main science areas that will be addressed with the SKA telescopes. The figure above, from the 2022 SKA Annual Report, shows the SWGs. Not surprisingly, there is considerable overlap with the ASKAP Survey Science Projects: EMU with Extragalactic Continuum, POSSUM with Magnetism, WALLABY, DINGO and FLASH with HI Galaxy Science, GASKAP-HI and GASKAP-OH with Our Galaxy, and VAST and CRAFT with Transients. The work of ASKAP and other pathfinders has helped refine the requirements for the SKA-Low and SKA-Mid telescope designs. (Image credit: SKAO)

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