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22nd of June 2023
ASKAP Update for June
by Aidan Hotan
The ASKAP update for June reports on the status of ongoing survey operations, VAST scheduling, development priorities, the first RACS-mid data release, and solar interference. The Sun is a particularly bright source that, even though it sits outside the field of view during any day-time observation, can be detected in the sidelobes of the PAF beams. The active Sun appears as a collection of relatively compact sources within the solar disk, but these can be quite dynamic and hard to characterise. The image above shows data from a recent POSSUM observation, split into 1- hour integrations and re-imaged in the direction of the Sun to show its impact before (panels 1-5), during (panel 6) and after (panels 7-10) sunrise. Note the complicated structure in these images prior to deconvolution, most likely resulting from small active regions on the surface of the Sun. (Image credit: Stefan Duchesne)

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