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25th of July 2023
As part of an effort to quantify ASKAP’s RFI environment and monitor changes during SKA construction, a first trial epoch was recently carried out of SMART, the Survey and routine Monitoring of ASKAP’s RFI environment and Trends. This survey records 20 minutes of full-resolution data while tracking celestial coordinates chosen to cross specific azimuth and elevation locations, covering a wide range of angles on the sky. Each pointing in a given frequency band is observed three times over the course of 24 hours with the goal being to assess RFI at different times of the day. These observations will be processed by software designed to gather RFI statistics from ASKAP flagging tables and will augment the dedicated RFI monitoring systems with more sensitive data from the telescope itself. The image above shows the Locations in Az/El coordinates and times (colour coded by time of day as concentric rings per observation) for the SMART observations. The survey was designed to map a wide range of directions across the full frequency range observable with ASKAP. (Image credit: Vanessa Moss)

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