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4th of June 2024
The centre of the Mills Cross array, built at the Fleurs field station in the 1950s.
The Mills Cross at Fleurs
From 1954 to 1963, CSIRO's Fleurs field station was one of the world's leading radio astronomy observatories. The Mills Cross, named for its designer, Bernie Mills, consisted of 450m-long north-south and east-west arrays of dipole antennas. Each arm consisted of two rows of 250 half-wave dipole elements backed by a plane wire-mesh reflector. The Cross operated at a frequency of 85.5 MHz (a wavelength of 3.5m), giving a 49 arcminute beam. The image above shows Alex Little and Bernie Mills making some calibration tests of the Cross elements. (Image credit: CSIRO Radio Astronomy Image Archive)

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