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6th of May 2024
The 1993 Australia Telescope Steering Committee visit to Parkes.
Australia Telescope Steering Committee visit to Parkes
The Australia Telescope Steering Committee (ATSC) provides advice to the ATNF Director on the scientific and technical operations of the ATNF. Committee members are appointed by the CSIRO Board. The ATSC includes four Australian astronomers, three overseas experts and two representatives from the broader community. In addition, there are two ex-officio members. The current ATSC will convene this week at the Parkes Observatory. The picture above, from the CSIRO Radio Astronomy Image Archive shows members of the ATSC together with ATNF staff during a visit to Parkes in 1993. From left to right: (Back row) Ron Ekers, Miller Goss, Dick Manchester, Lodewijk Woltjer, Brian Robinson, Venkatamaran Radhakrishnan, Pip Hamilton. (Front row) Ken Freeman, Lawrence Cram, Dennis Cooper, Russell Cannon. (We note the gender balance of ATSC has improved over the last 30 years!)

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