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10th of January 2024
India to become full member of SKAO
India’s government has announced that it intends to join the SKA Observatory as a full member, and approved funding for the next seven years of construction. Plans are now under way to sign the SKA Observatory Convention, the intergovernmental organisation’s founding treaty. Full membership has long been anticipated; the Indian government was a party to the negotiation of the SKAO Convention, and participated in the preparatory activities that led to the creation of the Observatory in early 2021. India is positioned to supervise the development of the software required to monitor and control the SKA telescopes, building on NCRA’s leading role in the international Telescope Manager consortium during the critical design phase. The image above shows how the SKAO was featured in the Vigyan Samagam mega-science exhibition, which toured India for 10 months from 2019-2020, attracting more than half a million visitors.

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