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12th of April 2024
The Chair of the Australia Telescope Users Committee welcomes attendees to the ATUC Open Session.
AT Users Committee Open Session
The Australia Telescope Users Committee (ATUC) is a group of currently eleven scientists that represents the users of the Australia Telescope National Facility. ATUC meetings are a forum for ATNF users to raise any problems they have experienced with the operation of the facilities and to suggest changes to their operation: this discussion provides feedback for the ATNF management. ATUC meets twice a year, with each meeting starting with an Open Session that includes a report from the ATNF Director, and presentations from ATNF staff on the status of ATNF telescopes, and proposals and plans for future developments. The image above shows the ATUC Chair, Stas Shabala, welcoming participants (in person and on-line) to the Open Session this week.

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