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13th of June 2024
Group photo from the Cosmic Magnetism in the pre-SKA Era conference.
Cosmic Magnetism in the pre-SKA Era
Magnetic fields play crucial roles in astrophysics and cosmology, yet their origin and evolution are poorly understood. SKA pathfinder and precursor radio interferometers have revealed a variety of magnetic-field features in and around stars, the interstellar medium, the Milky Way, galaxies, Active Galactic nuclei, galaxy clusters, and beyond. Single-dish, VLBI, and space-based surveys provide complementary observations of persistent radio sources and also fast and slow radio transients. However, more work needs to be done to solve the technical and algorithmic challenges, such as polarization calibration for wide-field imaging, Faraday tomography for wide-band spectro-polarimetry, and maximise the use of the SKA regional centres (SRCs) for SKA-scale big data. With these motivations, a conference on Cosmic Magnetism in the pre-SKA Era was held in Japan at the end of May, attracting researchers from around the world. CSIRO was well-represented, with presentations on the ASKAP Survey Science Project POSSUM, and the ASKAP SPICE-RACS project.

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