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14th of June 2024
A Hammer-Aitoff projection in Galactic coordinates of archived Parkes Murriyang pulsar observations.
30 years of Parkes Pulsar Survey Data Published in CSIRO's Data Access Portal
by Lawrence Toomey
CSIRO's Data Access Portal contains the most comprehensive archive of pulsar data globally, with over 4 Petabytes from Murriyang, the CSIRO Parkes radio telescope available for download. The DAP is Virtual Observatory compatible and can be queried using VO tools such as TOPCAT. The TOPCAT image above is a Hammer-Aitoff projection in Galactic coordinates of the published Parkes pulsar survey observations from 1991 to 2021, with key projects highlighted. Approximately 2-3TB of new pulsar data are added to the archive each day. Access to new data is restricted to project teams during the statutory 18-month embargo period, thereafter the data become public.

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