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14th of March 2024
A word cloud compiled from abstracts for the Interstellar Frontiers 2024 meeting.
Interstellar Frontiers
The Interstellar Frontiers 2024 conference was held this week in Perth and on-line. The meeting brought together researchers interested in the search for life, which has progressed rapidly during the last five years in both astrobiology and astronomy. The growth is a combination of new technologies on older telescopes, new ideas, new powerful telescopes, advances in sample-based astrobiology, and more funding. This growth puts us in a unique position to evaluate our goals and successes as well as to discuss what has been done, what is being done, and what new opportunities the next generation of equipment will create. The image above is a word cloud formed from the abstracts submitted to the conference, reflecting the wide range of topics considered. (Image credit: Chenoa Tremblay)

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