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16th of February 2024
The lead banner to the article in The Conversation about the ASKAP detection of a Fast Radio Burst,
Article on ASKAP FRB detection in The Conversation
An article in The Conversation by Ryan Shannon (Swinburne Uni) describes the ASKAP detection of Fast Radio Burst detected on June 6, 2022, known officially as FRB 20220610A. As usual, the lower frequencies arrived later, due to dispersion in the inter-stellar and inter-galactic mediums, with the unusually high rate of dispersion in this burst suggesting it might be the most distant ever found. The team turned to one of the world’s most powerful optical observatories to search for the host galaxy: the Very Large Telescope (VLT) in Chile. Analysing the spectrum of light from the galaxy showed it was strongly "redshifted", meaning the emission from the burst has doubled in wavelength as it stretched out on its journey through the expanding universe. The redshift had a value just over 1, which means the burst was emitted more than 8 billion years ago, when the universe was less than half its present age. This confirmed that FRB 20220610A had broken the record for the most distant fast radio burst.

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