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21st of May 2024
The 18-m (60-foot) diameter dish of the Kennedy antenna being lowered onto the telescope mount at Fleurs in late 1960.
Kennedy antenna "dish lift" at Fleurs
CSIRO operated the Fleurs field station from 1954 to 1963. The Chris Cross, with two arms of 32 parabolic 5.8-m diameter dishes, was complemented with the addition of 18-m Kennedy antenna at the eastern end of the E-W arm. These formed the Fleurs Compound Interferometer that operated at 1420 MHz with an instantaneous 1 degree x 1.5 arc-minute fan beam., The image above shows the dish of the antenna being lowered into position in late 1960. When Fleurs was tranferred to the University of Sydney in 1963, the Kennedy antenna was moved to Parkes. Its innovative use in the variable baseline interferometer is described briefly in a previous ADAP, and in more detail in Ron Ekers' presentation available on the Parkes 60th anniversay webpage. The Kennedy antenna was was given the Wiradjuri name Giyalung Guluman, meaning 'Smart Dish', in 2020. (Image credit: CSIRO Radio Astronomy Image Archive)

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