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23rd of February 2024
An ASKAP radio image that looks a little like a smiling face.
Smile, and the Universe smiles with you
by Duchesne et al.
A few years ago, JPL issued a press release with the title Smile, and the Universe smiles with you, describing a Hubble Space Telescope image of a galaxy cluster that resembled a smiling face. Not to be outdone, ASKAP has turned up a smiling face of its own! The object is again a galaxy cluster (which is not that surprising, as you have to get all the facial features close together somehow...). Duchesne et al. describe the use of archival EMU data to perform a pilot search for diffuse sources in 71 clusters from the Planck Sunyaev–Zeldovich cluster catalogue. The image above is the ASKAP image of PSZ2 G272.08−40.16 (Abell 3266) with a (u,v) taper applied to highlight extended emission. It seems reasonable to declare the researchers were happy with the result!

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