Astronomical Tools and Software

Supported Data Analysis Packages and Libraries

AIPS Astronomical Image Processing System, produced by NRAO.
ASAP The ATNF Spectral Analysis Package.
ASKAPSoft Using CSIRO's ASKAPsoft data reduction package at the Pawsey Supercomputing Centre.
ATELIB Australia Telescope Ephemeris library used by the ATCA.
CASAcore Common Astronomy Software Applications core library, produced by the CASA consortium.
Duchamp Advanced source finding tool, particularly suited to 3-d data.
IDL Commercial data analysis/visualisation package.
Available at the ATNF on serpens by typing idl.
Information on the local installation is available in /nfs/applic/idl/README.user.
Some generic help for astronomers is available on the web.
Karma Package for visualising multi-dimensional images, signal and image processing applications.
livedata/gridzilla Multibeam single-dish data reduction system for bandpass calibration and gridding (includes rp2sdfits).
Used for processing Parkes multibeam and Mopra data.
Mathematica Commercial mathematical package/environment.
Available on dylan.
MIRIAD ATNF's version of the venerable radio interferometry data reduction package.
Used for processing most ATCA synthesis data.
RPFITS Library that implements the FITS-like format in which raw ATNF synthesis and single-dish data is written.
WCSLIB Library that implements of the FITS World Coordinate System (WCS) convention.

Installed, but Unsupported Data Analysis Packages and Libraries

CASApy Common Astronomy Software Applications - the full NRAO package. Produced by the CASA consortium.
Pulsar group software Tempo2 - pulsar timing software.
PSRCat - ATNF pulsar catalogue software.
difmap Synthesis imaging software from Caltech.
DRAO Synthesis imaging software from Canada's Dominion Radio Astronomy Observatory.
FTOOLS FITS file manipulation Tools, from NASA's High Energy Astrophyics Science Archive Research Center.
Gildas Grenoble Image and Line Data Analysis Software - gag, class etc ...
GIPSY Groningen Image Processing System, from the Kapteyn Institute, Dept of Astronomy
IRAF Image Reduction and Analysis Facility.
SPC Spectral Line Reduction package (replaced by ASAP).
UniPOPS A spectral reduction package used with Parkes and Mopra data.
Visualisation Software Software for aiding visualisation of multidimensional data.

Plotting and Data Formats

FITS IAU-standard astronomical data format.
PGPLOT Graphics plotting package.
SuperMongo (SM) Graphics plotting package. A tutorial is also available.
Tidy Check your web pages' HTML syntax and accessibility level.

Compilers and Development Environments

Solaris-2 Workshop Solaris-2 Workshop and Compiler Documentation

Interactive Web Tools

Live! VRI The Virtual Radio Interferometer; includes UV-coverage, fourier transforms, and more!
Let's you simulate various "what-if" scenarios in radio interferometry.
Coord. Calculate Rise and Set times of Sources
Planets. Position of the planets and moon
Radial Velocities. Calculates the radial velocity components of Earth, Sun etc.
InterSat Plots positions of interfering satelites from any site.
Tools from HEASARC HEASARC tools include a coordinate converter which accepts source names as well as coordinates.

Telescope Control Software

ATOMS Australia Telescope Observatory Management System. Used at the ATCA and Mopra.
TCS Telescope Control System. Used for observing at Parkes and Mopra.

RFI Characterisation at the ATNF

INTER Interactive interference characterization program. A description and user manual are available here.
RFI over Australia Animated gifs of flux densities over Australia in bands from 100MHz to 10GHz with trans-horizon effects.