Space and Astronomy Scientific Visitors

Space and Astronomy welcomes visitors to the ATNF Science Group. Visits can be supported through the Space and Astronomy Scientific Visitor program. The Visitors program provides some financial and logistical support to facilitate working visits to the Space and Astronomy ATNF Science group. Financial support typically covers the cost of on-site accommodation or its equivalent (~$500/week). Visitors are normally the guest of a member of the CSIRO staff with whom they will be working. Visitors may be located at any of the ATNF sites. Visitors are expected to deliver at least one colloquium or seminar during their stay at CSIRO.

Visits should normally be no shorter than two weeks and could last for up to one year. Support provided could be purely logistical (e.g. office space, computing) or include some level of financial support.

We particularly encourage extended visits of 6 or 12 months. For these there is the possibility to seek additional funds through CSIRO. 

To Apply

Potential visitors should make contact with a local member of staff or the Program Director, ATNF Science, George Heald, to develop a proposal. Proposals to the program should include a brief description of the collaborative project to be conducted during the visit, an estimate of the dates of the visit and support required.



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