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Australia Telescope Time Assignment Committee

The Australia Telescope Time Assignment Committee (TAC) is advisory to the ATNF Director. The TAC members are appointed by the ATNF Steering Committee .

The TAC assesses proposals submitted for observing time with the Australia Telescope Compact Array (ATCA), Murriyang; the Parkes radio telescope, the Long Baseline Array (LBA) and the Australian SKA Pathfinder (ASKAP). Service proposals for the Tidbinbilla 70-m antenna are also assessed. Time is allocated on the basis of scientific merit.

The TAC members meet twice a year to consider telescope applications for two six-month semesters that begin in October and March. The TAC normally has 11 voting members, including the Chair. In additional, a group of approximately 12 external readers review the proposals and send input to the TAC. Members and Readers serve for a period of three years. The Senior System Scientists for the ATCA (Jamie Stevens) and Parkes (Jane Kaczmarek), and the TAC Executive Officer (Elizabeth Mahony) also attend the TAC meetings as non-voting members. The telescope schedules are prepared after the TAC meetings by the schedulers.

TAC information and queries

After the TAC grades and comments are finalised, an email is sent to all proposers for that semester (that have valid email addresses in OPAL) informing them that the grade and comments can be viewed in OPAL. A second email is sent to all proposers once the telescope schedules are released.

For assistance with scheduling related matters, contact the ATCA or Parkes Senior System Scientists (Jamie.Stevens [at] and Jane.Kaczmarek [at] respectively).

For queries on the TAC grades or comments contact the TAC Chair, Dr Kathryn Grasha (kathryn.grasha [at]

If you wish to discuss a scientific or scheduling-related issue, after consultation with the TAC Chair and/or Program Director for ATNF Science (George.Heald [at], please contact the ATNF Director, Douglas Bock (Douglas.Bock [at]

For some time assignment performance indicators, see the ATNF Annual Reports.

Time Assignment Policies and Procedures

Current TAC Members

Voting Members
Arash Bahramian ICRAR/Curtin University
Nichole Barry ICRAR/Curtin University
Manisha Caleb University of Sydney
Shi Dai Western Sydney University
Karl Glazebrook Swinburne University of Technology
Kelly Gourdji Swinburne University of Technology
Kathryn Grasha Research School of Astronomy & Astrophysics, ANU
Artem Tuntsov Manly Astrophysics, Australia
Cameron Van Eck Research School of Astronomy & Astrophysics, ANU
Tessa Vernstrom ICRAR/University of Western Australia
Hyein Yoon University of Sydney
Ex-Officio Members
George Heald CSIRO Space and Astronomy
Elizabeth Mahony CSIRO Space and Astronomy
Jane Kaczmarek CSIRO Space and Astronomy
Jamie Stevens CSIRO Space and Astronomy
Administration Support
Amanda Gray
CSIRO Space and Astronomy

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