Observers Archives, Tools and Information

This page gives links to data archives, web-based tools and some other information for observers.



ATOA The Australia Telescope Online Archive provides access to the Australia Telescope archive data files.
Parkes Positions Database Summary information on sources and positions observed with the Parkes radio telescope.
HI Multibeam Data Archive Full-sensitivity calibrated data from the HI Parkes All Sky Survey (HIPASS)
Zone of Avoidance (ZOA) data cubes
High Velocity Clouds (HVCs) catalogues.
SGPS Data Server Data cubes and spectra from the Southern Galactic Plane Survey (SGPS).
ATNF Pulsar Catalogue A search facility that provides published parameters for all known pulsars.
Magellanic Cloud HI Emission Spectra A search facility that provides HI emission spectra from ATCA and Parkes surveys of the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds.

Web-based Tools

OPAL OPAL is the ATNF on-line proposal application system. It also provides access to previously submitted proposals and to the cover sheets for proposals submitted from 2006 APRS onwards.
ATCA SCHED Information about the ATCA scheduling program, SCHED, and links to several versions of the program.
ATCA Sensitivity Calculator Estimates the sensitivity and other characteristics of an ATCA observation.
ATCA Calibrator Search Searches for calibrators and provides information on their properties.
ATCA Frequency Calculator Determines the sky frequency for an ATCA observation.
ATCA Calibrator Cycle Time Calculator Determines the length of time needed between successive observations on secondary calibrators.
ATCA VRI The Virtual Radio Interferometer: A simulator for the ATCA that includes UV-coverage and fourier transforms. Lets you simulate various "what-if" scenarios in radio interferometry.
Parkes Sensitivity Calculator Estimates the theoretical rms noise level for line and continuum observations with the Parkes telescope.
Mopra Schedule Tool for Position Switching A tool for creating Mopra schedule files for position switching.
Mopra Schedule Tool for On-the-Fly Mapping A tool for creating Mopra schedule files for on-the-fly (OTF) mapping.
Mopra Sensitivity Calculator Estimates the theoretical rms noise level for line and continuum observations with the Mopra telescope.
Tidbinbilla Sensitivity Calculator Estimates the theoretical rms noise level for line and continuum observations with the Tidbinbilla 70-m telescope.
VLBI Sensitivity Calculator Estimates the theoretical rms noise levels and uv coverage for line and continuum VLBI observations.
Lines Determines the rest frequencies of recombination or molecular/atomic spectral lines within Parkes receiver bandwidths
Coord Calculates the rise and set times of sources for a range of observatories
Planets Give the position of the sun, moon or planets at a given site.
Radial Velocities Calculates the radial velocity components of an observer's velocity. Sun etc.
InterSat Plots positions of interfering satelites from any site.
Tools from HEASARC HEASARC tools include a coordinate converter which accepts source names as well as coordinates.
TEMPO A program for the analysis of pulsar timing data.
TEMPO2 TEMPO2 is a new package that will replace TEMPO. It has been designed for the new generation of high-precision pulsar timing experiments. Note that TEMPO2 is not yet fully tested or implemented.

Observers' Information

Telescope Documentation Telescope User Guides and other technical documentation.
ATNF Friends List of ATNF staff members available as scientific support of observing facilities.
Observing schedules Observing schedules and DA roster.
Spectral Line Rest Frequencies A list of spectral rest frequencies between 1.4 GHz and 115.3 GHz.
ATCA Remote Observing Guide Guide to remote observing at the Compact Array
ATCA Shadowing Diagrams Shows the shadowing limits for ATCA antennas.
ATCA Array Configurations A list of standard ATCA array Configurations.
ATCA Interference Radio frequency interference levels at the ATCA.
Mopra SiO masers A list of SiO masers for Mopra pointing.
Mopra Weather Weather at the Mopra Observatory.

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