CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science Student Program: previous students


Student University Date

Project title

Joseph Callingham University of Sydney Feb 2017 An MWA source catalogue: CSS and GPS sources at low radio frequencies      
Francesco Cavallaro University of Catania Feb 2017 Stellar radio emission in the SKA era: surveys of the galactic plane    
Claire-Elise Green University of New South Wales Nov 2017 Milky Way dynamics and structure    
Katharina Lutz Swinburne University of Technology 2017 How do galaxies accrete gas and form stars?    
Ross Turner University of Tasmania 2017 Dynamical and cosmological evolution of radio AGN and AGN feedback    




Student University Date Project title
Vasaant Krishnan University of Tasmania Submitted Jan 2016 Astrometric observation of methanol masers
Dane Kleiner Monash University Dec 2016 The large scale structure's effect on the HI content of galaxies
Jordan Collier University of Western Sydney   The history of supermassive black holes in the universe
Dougal Dobie University of Sydney Nov 2016 Detection and analysis of extreme scattering events
Alessandro Maini Macquarie University   Modelling the faint radio sky: the pathway to SKA
Aina Museava University of Sydney   Intermediate mass black holes in dwarf galaxies
Glen Rees Macquarie University   Cosmology using next generation radio telescopes
Sarah Reeves University of Sydney   HI and OH absorption line studies of nearby galaxies
Charlotte Ward University of Sydney Nov 2016 Machine-learning for classification of pulsar candidates
Marion Wienen Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms University, Germany   Galactic high-mass star formation at submillimeter wavelengths
Graeme Wong University of Western Sydney   Physics and chemistry of molecular gas in the Milky Way galaxy
Mustafa Yildiz University of Groningen    
Tye Young Australian National University   Multi-wavelength properties of dwarf galaxies in the local volume



Student University Date

Project title

Kosuke Fujii The University of Tokyo 2015 The effects of large-scale stellar feed-backs on the molecular cloud formation in the Large Magellanic Cloud
Andreas Herzog Ruhr University Bochum 2015 The broad-band spectra of infrared-faint radio sources
Anita Titmarsh University of Tasmania Submitted Dec 2015 Investigating the earliest stages of high-mass star formation
Courtney Jones University of Tasmania 2015 The Southern Milky Way
Emily Petroff Swinburne University of Technology 2015 Study of the interstellar medium through radio phenomena of short duration
Christopher Jordan University of Tasmania Sep 2015 CS(1-0) observations with MALT-45: a 7mm survey of the southern galaxy
Shi Dai Peking University 2015 High precision pulsar timing
Xingjiang Zhu University of Western Australia 2015 Searches for continuous gravitational waves in the Parkes pulsar timing array data sets
Paul Brook University of Oxford 2015 Variability in pulsars
Raheel Hashmi Macquarie University Mar 2015  




Student University Date Project title
Tiffany Day Macquarie University Dec 2014 The flows of neutral hydrogen in the grand design spiral galaxy M83
Peter-Christian Zinn Ruhr-Universitat Bochum Dec 2014 New avenues in galaxy evolution studies: large-scale magnetic fields and properties of high-redshift radio emitters
Hayden Rampadarath Curtin University Aug 2014 Application of wide-field VLBI
Kathrin Wolfinger Swinburne University of Technology Aug 2014 The effect of environment on the evolution of nearby gas-rich spiral galaxies
Vanessa Moss University of Sydney July 2014 Intermediate mass black holes in dwarf galaxies
Caterina Ubach Swinburne University of Technology Feb 2014 A multi-wavelength study of grain growth in protoplanetary discs
Sarah Hegarty University of Queensland 2014 Making the first multibeam images with an ASKAP PAF
Rai Yuen University of Sydney 2014 Pulsar magnetosphere revisited: emission geometry and the synthesis of the vacuum-dipole and the rotating-magnetorsphere models


Student University Date Project title
Claire-Elise Green University of New South Wales   The relationship between starbursts and black holes in galaxies
Guillaume Drouart European Southern Observatory   AGN and star formation history in high redshift powerful radio galaxies
Christopher Hales University of Sydney Jan 2013 Deep imaging of the radio sky in total intensity and linear polarisation
Dan Thornton Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics Sep 2013 Pulsar and transient searching with GPUs
Xinping Deng National Space Science Center, Beijing, CAS   Pulsar timing and its application in spacecraft navigation
Jay Blanchard University of Tasmania   Linking the radio and gamma-ray properties of blazars
Justin Bray University of Adelaide Aug 2013 Ultrahigh-energy neutrinos and their detection with the lunar Cherenkov technique
Jingbo Wang Xinjiang Astronomical Observatory, CAS July 2013 Searching for the gravitational wave memory effect in pulsar data sets
Catarina Ubach Swinburne University of Technology   CABB millimeter observations of proto-planetary disks
Stefan Oslowski Swinburne university of Technology   The highest precision pulsar timing
Meng Yu Peking University Jan 2013 Pulsar X-ray thermal emission in a solid quark star model and glitches in southern radio pulsars


Student University Date Project title
Chris Hales University of Sydney Dec 2012 Deep imaging of the radio sky in total intensity and linear polarisation
Yanett Contreras University of Chile May 2012 The nature of filamentary structures of dense molecular gas in the Galactic Plane
Lina Levin Preston Swinburne Jun 2012 A search for radio pulsars: from millisecond pulsars to magnetars
Rajan Chhetri University of New South Wales June 2012 Quasars, radio galaxies and gravitational lenses in the high radio frequency universe
Luke Hindson University of Hertfordshire June 2012 The G305 star forming complex: a panoramic view of the environment and star formation
Minnie Mao University of Tasmania May 2012 Cosmic evolution of radio sources in ATLAS
Kate Chow (nee Randall) University of Sydney Mar 2012 The evolution of young radio sources and the milliJansky radio source population
Andres Guzman University of Chile Jan 2012 Ionized jets and molecular outflows in high-mass young stellar objects


Student University Date Project title
Elizabeth Mahony University of Sydney Nov 2011 Unveiling the high-frequency radio source population
Tye Young ANU Oct 2011 Mapping interstellar molecular emission lines with the Tidbinbilla 70m radio telescope (honours thesis)
Sui-Ann Mao Harvard University Oct 2011 Magnetic fields in the Milky Way and the Magellanic Clouds
Keith Bannister University of Sydney Sep 2011 Radio transients: surveys and techniques
Laura Bonavera SISSA Sep 2011 Spectra of extragalactic radio sources after Planck
Doug Hayman University of Macquarie Aug 2011 Beamforming and evaluation of focal plane arrays for radio astronomy
Aquib Moin University of Curtin 2011 e-VLBI science with LBA. Exploring science applications for the long baseline component of ASKAP
Daniel Yardley University of Sydney May 2011 Studying gravitational waves with pulsars: results from the Parkes Pulsar Timing Array
Annie Hughes University of Swinburne May 2011 Molecular gas in the large magellanic cloud


Student University Date Project title
Joanne Dawson University of Nagoya Dec 2010 Supershells as molecular cloud factories in the evolving ISM: observations of HI and 12CO in the Galactic supershells GSH 287+04-17 and GSH 277+00+36
Sarah Burke-Spolaor Swinburne Oct 2010 Supermassive black hole binaries and transient radio events: studies in pulsar astronomy
Deanna Matthews La Trobe University Oct 2010 The Magellanic Stream South of 0 degr declination - a high-resolution ATCA and Parkes HI investigation
Natasa Vranesevic University of Sydney Sep 2010 Galactic distribution and evolution of pulsars
Shari Breen University of Tasmania Sep 2010 Masers as evolutionary tracers of high-mass star formation
Emma Kirby ANU Aug 2010 Turning the time arrow: an evolutinary history of the local universe
Urvashi Rau UNM May 2010 Parameterized deconvolution for wide-band radio synthesis imaging
Paul Hancock University of Sydney Jul 2010 The Australia Telescope 20 GHz survey and the search for young radio galaxies
Alyson Ford Swinburne Jul 2010 The HI Cloud population in the lower halo of the Milky Way
Rebecca McFadden University of Melbourne Mar 2010 UHE neutrino detection using the Lunar Cerenkov technique
Attila Popping University of Groningen Jan 2010 Diffuse neutral hydrogen in the local universe


Student University Date Project title
Jamie McCallum University of Tasmania Nov 2009 Scintillation in Circinus
Katherine Newton-McGee University of Sydney Oct 2009 Radio polarimetry as a probe of interstellar magnetism
Leith Godfrey ANU Dec 2009 Dynamics of large-scale extragalactic jets: a multi-wavelength study of X-ray bright jets
Aaron Chippendale University of Sydney Sep 2009 Detecting cosmological reionization on large scales through the 21-cm HI line
Joris Verbiest University of Swinburne Swinburne Long-term timing of millisecond pulsars and gravitational wave detection
Nadia Lo UNSW Jun 2009 A multi-molecular line study of an entire giant molecular cloud
Emil Lenc Swinburne Feb 2009 Studies of radio galaxies and starburst galaxies using wide-field, high spatial resolution radio imagnig
Adam Deller Swinburne Jan 2009 Precision VLBI astrometry: instrumentation, algorithms and pulsar parallax determinations


Student University Date Project title
Marcella Massardi SISSA Oct 2008 The extragalactic sources at mm wavelengths and their role as CMB foregrounds
Martin Leung University of Sydney July 2008 A wideband feed for a cylindrical radio telescope
Janine van Eymeren Bochum University June 2008 Gas kinematics in the haloes of nearby irregular dwarf galaxies
Vicky Safouris ANU June 2008 Environmental influence on the evolution of jets from Active Galactic Nuclei


Student University Date Project title
Xiaopeng You Chinese Academy of Sciences June 2007 The propagation of pulse signals in interstellar medium and their effect on the detection of gravitational waves
Ivy Wong University of Melbourne Sep 2007 Star formation and galaxy evolution of the local universe based on HIPASS
Steven Longmore University of New South Wales 2007 The cradle of galactic superpowers - studying the natal environment of massive stars
Jess O'Brien ANU Apr 2007 Probing the shape of dark halos of thin edge-on disk galaxies
Haydon Knight University of Swinburne Jan 2007 Pulsar applications of baseband recording


Student University Date Project title
Rachel Deacon University of Sydney Oct 2006 Magnetic fields and companion stars: behind the shaping of planetary nebulae
Sebastian Gurovich ANU Aug 2006 An observational study of the baryonic Tully-Fisher relation
Antoine Bouchard ANU June 2006 The interstellar medium and evolution of dwarf galaxies in nearby galaxy groups
Ilana Feain University of Sydney June 2006 Active galaxies at high redshift: gas, jets and star formation
Aidan Hotan Swinburne July 2006 High-precision observations of relativistic binary and millisecond pulsars


Student University Date Project title
Jamie Stevens University of Melbourne Dec 2005 Neutral hydrogen in galaxy groups
Meryl Waugh University of Melbourne Oct 2005 Neutral hydrogen in Fornax and Eridanus - blind basketweaving for beginners
Bradley Warren ANU Mar 2005 The nature of high HI mass-to-light radio field galaxies


Student University Date Project title
Erik Muller University of Wollongong Sep 2004 High resolution studies of the HI in the Western magellanic bridge
Daniel Mitchell University of Sydney July 2004 Interference mitigation in radio astronomy
Catherine Buchanan ANU June 2004 Radio-excess IRAS galaxies
Gianni Bernardi University of Bologna Apr 2004 Diffuse galactic polarised synchrotron radiation as foreground for CMB experiments
Roberto Ricci University of Trieste Apr 2004 High frequency properties of extragalactic sources
Minh Huynh ANU 2004 Constraining the star formation history of galaxies in the Hubble Deep Field South region with sensitive radio data
Emma Ryan-Weber University of Melbourne Jan 2004 Neutral hydrogen in galaxies and the intergalactic medium


Student University Date Project title
Hayley Bignall University of Adelaide Feb 2003 Radio variability and interstellar scintillation of blazars
Melanie Johnston-Hollitt University of Adelaide July 2003 Detection of magnetic fields and diffuse radio emission in Abell 3667 and other rich Southern clusters of Galaxies
Martin Anderson University of Western Sydney Feb 2003 A radio survey of selected fields from the ROSAT all sky survey
Boris Babic University of Queensland 2003 Mass distribution in rich clusters of galaxies
Scott Gordon University of Queensland Jan 2003 Radio studies of Southern interacting galaxies
Paul Roberts University of Sydney Jan 2003 Components for wide bandwidth signal processing in radio astronomy


Student University Date Project title
Jasmina Lazendic University of Sydney Mar 2002 Molecular diagnostic of supernova remnant shocks
Christian Bruens University of Bonn Dec 2002 The gaseous arms of the Magellanic system and other high-velocity clouds
David Legge University of Tasmania Mar 2002 Accurate astrometry of Southern Pulsars
Maria Hunt University of Western Sydney Feb 2002 Molecular spectral line observations of Southern Molecular Clouds
Wheaton Vivienne University of Sydney 2992 Hydrodynamical models and an investigation into radio emission from SNR 1987A in the Large Magellanic Cloud


Student University Date Project title
Virginia Kilborn University of Melbourne May 2001 The large-scale distribution of neutral hydrogen in the local universe
Sebastian Juraszek University of Sydney 2001 A study of galaxies behind the milky way
Thu Hoang Ngoc UNSW 2001 Where is the Eye of the Tornado Nebula?
Martin Ott University of Bonn 2001 Atomic and molecular gas in the starburst galaxy NGC 4945
Ruisheng Peng UNSW 2001 Southern molecular clouds at CH3OH 20r3-1E transition
Robert Minchin Cardiff Nov 2001 Properties of galaxies in a deep blind neutral hydrogen survey
Nina Wang Urumqi Astronomical Observatory 2001 Pulsar timing and scintillation studies


Student University Date Project title
Kate Brooks UNSW Oct 2000 An investigation of the Carina Nebula
Mary Putman ANU 2000 Mapping the Galaxy's neutral hydrogen halo
David Rayner University of Tasmania 2000 Circular polarisation of active galaxies
Jagmit Sandhu USA   High precision timing of millisecond pulsars
Niven Tasker University of Macquarie Feb 2000 Identifications from the PMN Southern Survey
Thomas Tauris Aarhus University   Formation and evolution of binary millisecond pulsars


Student University Date Project title
David Abbott University of Sydney Oct 1999 Correcting atmospheric distortion in short-wavelength radio observations from tropospheric water-vapour soundings
Richard Gooch University of Sydney July 1999 Advanced visualisation techniques to handle astronomical data cubes and images
Duncan Roy University of Queensland   Large-scale radio structure in the Southern galaxy at 2.4GHz
Bryan Gaensler University of Sydney Feb 1999 Barrels, jets and smoke-rings: understanding the bizarre shapes of radio supernova remnants


Student University Date Project title
Gareth Banks University of Wales Dec 1998 21cm blind searches for galaxies
Lucyna Kedziora-Chudczer University of Sydney Dec 1998 The study of intraday variability of extragalactic compact radio sources
Alan McPhail University of Macquarie Sep 1999 Non-linear iterative image reconstruction techniques for images with well known point-spread function
Snezana Stanimirovic University of Western Sydney July 1998 Complex nature of the ISM in the SMC
Marc Elmouttie University of Queensland June 1998 A multi-frequency investigation of the nuclear activity in the Circinus galaxy
Mark Bransford University of Melbourne May 1998 Star formation in collisional ring galaxies and the circumnuclear regions of active galactic nuclei
Jon Bell ANU   Binary and millisecond radio pulsars
Sungeun Kim ANU Apr 1998 An HI aperture synthesis mosaic and Halpha survey of the Large Magellanic Cloud
David Barnes University of Melbourne Apr 1998 Neutral hydrogen in the nearby universe
Chris Phillips University of Tasmania Jan 1998 Class II Methanol masers and their environment at high resolution
Edward King University of Tasmania   Compact structure in Southern Peaked Spectrum Radio Sources
Derek McKay UNSW   Pointing-techniques for radio telescopes
Sally Houghton UNSW Jan 1998 A study of some southern spirals: Goldilocks and the Three Bars
Isabella Prandoni Bologna   ATESP survey


Student University Date Project title
Jim Lovell University of Tasmania 1997 Southern radio gravitational lens survey and observations
Wilfred Walsh UNSW 1997 Studies of dwarf galaxies and missing dark matter
Brett Wells ANU 1997 FIR-Radio continuum correlation in star-forming galaxies
Ben Stappers ANU Sep 1997 Observations of eclipsing and binary pulsars


Student University Date Project title
Haida Liang ANU 1996 Distribution of matter in clusters of galaxies
Miroslav Filipovic University of Western Sydney 1996 A multi-frequency investigation of discrete sources in the Magellanic Clouds
Simon Ellingsen University of Tasmania 1996 Class II Methanol masers in star formation regions


Student University Date Project title
Mattias Ehle University of Bonn Mar 1995 Characteristics of the diffuse interstellar medium of the nearby galaxies M51, M83, and NGC 1566 - based on X-ray and radiocontinuum observations


Student University Date Project title
Alan Roy University of Sydney Nov 1994 Active galaxy unification: radio and far-infrared studies
Clive Robinson University of Manchester Sep 1994 Pulsars and globular clusters
Duncan Lorimer University of Manchester 1994 The galactic population of millisecond and normal pulsars
Andrew Gray University of Sydney 1994 Radio observations of sources near the galactic centre


Student University Date Project title
Vicki Kaspi Princeton University 1993 Applications of pulsar timing


Student University Date Project title
Simon Johnston University of Manchester Nov 1990 A high frequency survey of the southern galactic plane for pulsars


Student University Date Project title
Matthew Bailes ANU 1989 The origin of pulsar velocities
Norbert Junkes University of Bonn Aug 1989 CO-Shells, HI-Holes and Protostars. Evolution of supernova remnants in the interstellar medium

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