Space and Astronomy Student Program: current students

Student S&A supervisor University supervisor University Project title Start date

Albany Asher

Nithyanandan Thyagarajan Luke Barnes Western Sydney University Testing general relativity with cosmic magnification 2023

Nina Averill

George Hobbs &
Ken Smart
Melrose Brown University of New South Wales Canberra ADFA
Radio Pulsar Navigation for ground-based applications 2023

Genevieve Batten

Karen Lee-Waddell Virginia Kilborn Swinburne University of Technology Investigating Galaxy Pairs using HI data from WALLABY 2021

Elizabeth Cappellazzo

Anita Petzler Joanne Dawson Macquarie University How do high-mass stars destroy their natal clouds? 2023

Aman Chokshi

Daniel Mitchell Rachel Webster University of Melbourne Improving MWA Epoch of Reionization limits 2020

Daniele d'Antonio

Vanessa Moss Martin Bell University of Technology Sydney Radio Afterglows of Gravitational Waves 2019

Tayla Dahms

Stephanie Smith Graham Brodie
(University of Melbourne)
James Cook University Advanced manufacturing of Antennas and Microwave Components for Radio Astronomy and Space Applications 2021

Valentina Di Marco

Andrew Zic Eric Thrane Monash University Guarding against model misspecification in nanohertz gravitational-wave astronomy 2022

Jasper Edwards

Mark Cheung Guifre Molera Calves University of Tasmania Deep-Space Weather: Improving protection of critical space infrastructure 2022

Ashna Gulati

Emil Lenc Tara Murphy University of Sydney Radio Follow-up of Gravitational Wave Events 2022

Joe Grundy

Ivy Wong Nick Seymour,
Karen Lee-Waddell
Curtin University Radio Continuum Emission of nearby Star-forming Galaxies 2021

Pascal Keller

Nithyanandan Thyagarajan Bojan Nikolic University of Cambridge Probing the intergalactic medium in the early universe using low radio frequency observations 2022

Emily Kerrison

Vanessa Moss Elaine Sadler University of Sydney Connecting X-ray and radio observations of young radio galaxies 2022

Tomonosuke Kikunaga

George Hobbs Keitaro Takahashi Kumamoto University Investigation into pulsar emission mechanism with phase-resolved Faraday Tomography 2022

James Leung

Emil Lenc Tara Murphy University of Sydney An ASKAP search for GRB Afterglows 2019

Liroy Lourenco

Aaron Chippendale Tara Murphy University of Sydney Radio Frequency Interference mitigation for Astronomy with Phased Array Feeds 2021

Peter Macgregor

Baerbel Koribalski Ray Norris,
Miroslav Filipovic
Western Sydney University Investigating Odd Radio Circles (ORCs) 2021

Macon Magno

Ivy Wong Krista Lynne Smith Southern Methodist University Census of Radio Quiet Supermassive Black Holes and Their Effect on Galaxy Evolution 2023

Rami Mandow

George Hobbs Andrew Zic,
Joanne Dawson
Macquarie University Evaluating New Millisecond Pulsars from the Parkes Pulsar Timing Array Observing Program 2022

Lachlan Marnoch

Elizabeth Mahony

Joanne Dawson Macquarie University Fast Radio Bursts as Cosmological Probes 2021

Tommy Marshman

George Hobbs Joanne Dawson, Mark Wardle Macquarie University Applying novel pulsar searching strategies to Breakthrough Listen data 2020

Saurav Mishra

George Hobbs Joanne Dawson Macquarie University Gravitational Waves from Pulsar Timing Arrays 2022

Joshua Pritchard

George Heald Tara Murphy University of Sydney A transient detection pipeline for the VAST ASKAP survey 2020

Mrudumay Sadh

George Hobbs Joanne Dawson Macquarie University

OH what a lovely molecule: using hydroxyl (OH) to seek the Milky Way's Hidden gas


Manasvee Saraf

Ivy Wong Luca Costese University of Western Australia Galaxy Evolution in Norma Cluster 2021

Gary Segal

Ray Norris David Parkinson University of Queensland Machine learning algorithms for detecting the interesting and the unexpected 2017

Susmita Sett

Emil Lenc Ramesh Bhat Curtin University Exploring the Southern-Sky Millisecond Pulsar Population with the Murchison Widefield Array 2021
Xi Shao Minh Hyunh Ming Feng Gu Shanghai Astronomical Observatory, CAS An environmental census of black hole activity and star formation 2022

Gary Strain

Keith Bannister Tara Murphy University of Sydney Automatic Classification of Radio Transients using Machine Learning 2022
Renzhi Su Elaine Sadler Minfeng Gu Shanghai Astronomical Observatory, CAS Tracing fuelling and feedback in powerful radio galaxies with 21cm HI absorption 2019

Himanshu Tiwari

Nithyanandan Thyagarajan Cathryn Trott Curtin University Radio Interferometric tools to study the early Universe 2022

Angelica Waszewski

Mark Cheung John Morgan Curtin University Interplanetary Weather Forecasting with the Murchison Widefield Array 2023

Yuanming Wang

Keith Bannister Tara Murphy University of Sydney Searching for extreme transients with ASKAP 2020

Ziteng (Andy) Wang

Keith Bannister Tara Murphy University of Sydney Radio follow-up of gravitational wave events 2019

Simon Weng

Elizabeth Mahony Elaine Sadler University of Sydney Multi-phase Gas in and around Galaxies at Intermediate Redshift 2021

Miranda Yew

Ray Norris Evan Crawford Western Sydney University Classification and Alignment of DRAGNs 2020

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