Management and Key Contacts

The ATNF is operated and managed by CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science, a division of CSIRO – Australia's national science agency.

CASS Executive Team

Divisional policy, strategic planning and operational management are the responsibility of the CASS Executive Team:

  • Douglas Bock, Director
  • Sarah Pearce, Deputy Director
  • Ed Kruzins, Director – Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex
  • John Reynolds, Assistant Director – ATNF Operations
  • Tasso Tzioumis, Assistant Director – ATNF Engineering
  • Phil Edwards, Assistant Director – ATNF Science
  • Antony Schinckel, Assistant Director – ASKAP
  • Phil Crosby, Strategic Planning and Major Project Specialist
  • Warren Bax, Research Operations Manager

ATNF Operations Team

The day-to-day operation of the ATNF is divided into three sections: ATNF Science, Observatory Operations, and Software and Computing. ATNF Science includes telescope operations and science services. Observatory Operations includes mechanical, drives and electrical; digital and servo electronics; receivers, LO and conversion; cryogenics; computing infrastructure; visitors services. Software and Computing includes telescope monitor and control software; science data processing; archives.

Key Contacts

  • John Reynolds, Assistant Director – ATNF Operations
  • David McConnell, Acting Assistant Director – ATNF Science
  • Lisa Harvey-Smith, ATNF Science Group Leader
  • Jimi Green, ATNF Science Group Leader
  • Peter Mirtschin, Head of NSW Observatory Operations
  • Kevin Ferguson, Head of WA Observatory Operations
  • Juan-Carlos Guzman, Software and Computing Group Leader


Site Managers have responsibility for day-to-day activities and the engineering integrity of the observatories:

  • Mal Smith, Site Manager – Parkes Observatory
  • Peter Mirtschin, Site Manager – Paul Wild Observatory (Narrabri) and Mopra
  • Brett Hiscock, Site Manager – Geraldton and Murchison Radio-astronomy Observatory


Senior System Scientists specialise in the scientific performance of the ATNF telescopes and are the main contact for telescope users requiring specialised knowledge of the telescopes' systems:

  • Jimi Green, Senior System Scientist – Parkes radio telescope
  • Jamie Stevens, Senior System Scientist – Australia Telescope Compact Array
  • David McConnell, Senior System Scientist – ASKAP Commissioning and Early Science
  • Aidan Hotan, Project Scientist – ASKAP


Contact information

CSIRO staff email addresses follow the format ''. For further information on contacting CASS staff please see the Contact Us page.

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