Management and Key Contacts

The ATNF is operated and managed by the Space and Astronomy business unit of CSIRO – Australia's national science agency. (Until May 2021, the business unit was known as CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science.) Divisional policy, strategic planning and operational management are the responsibility of the Space and Astronomy Executive Team.

ATNF Operations Team

The day-to-day operation of the ATNF is managed by the ATNF Operations and ATNF Science teams. ATNF Science includes telescope user support and science services. ATNF Operations includes the engineering support of the telescopes, Computing Infrastructure, Visitor Services, and Software and Computing teams.

Key Contacts

  • John Reynolds, Program Director – ATNF Operations
  • George Heald, Program Director – ATNF Science
  • Peter Mirtschin, Head of ATNF Operations, NSW
  • Brett Hiscock, Head of ATNF Operations, WA
  • Eric Bastholm, Software and Computing Group Leader


Site Managers have responsibility for day-to-day activities and the engineering integrity of the observatories:

  • Franco Di Dio, Site Manager – Parkes Observatory 
  • Peter Mirtschin, Site Manager – Paul Wild Observatory (Narrabri) and Mopra
  • Rebecca Wheadon, Site Manager – Inyarrimanha Ilgari Bundara, CSIRO's Murchison Radio-astronomy Observatory
  • Brett Hiscock, Site Manager – Geraldton (MRO Support Facility)


Senior System Scientists specialise in the scientific performance of the ATNF telescopes and are the main contact for telescope users requiring specialised knowledge of the telescopes' systems:

  • Jane Kaczmarek, Senior System Scientist – Parkes radio telescope
  • Jamie Stevens, Senior System Scientist – Australia Telescope Compact Array
  • Aidan Hotan, Lead Scientist – ASKAP
  • Phil Edwards, Lead Scientist – Long Baseline Array


Contact information

CSIRO staff email addresses follow the format ''. For further information on contacting Space and Astronomy staff please see the Contact Us page.

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