ACES memo series (ASKAP Commissioning & Early Science)

This series of ASKAP Memoranda presents material arising from ASKAP Commissioning & Early Science (ACES) activities.

The now archived Design and Science Case Memo series (a collection that outlines the development of both the design and the science case proposals for the ASKAP telescope, previously known as 'xNTD' and 'MIRANdA') is available separately.

Copyright Note
The documents below are copyright protected. In general, we welcome the use of our resources in print or other media. If you would like to use material from this site, please contact the ASKAP Project Scientists for permission.

  Title Author 1 Date Link
001 Beam geometry in ASKAP Reynolds, J.E. 2014-06-24 4.4 MB pdf
002 Initial characterisation of BETA polarimetric response Sault, R.J. 2014-09-22 372 kB pdf
003 The ASKAP Roll Axis—Preliminary study of its benefits to calibration and imaging Heywood, I. 2014-09-22 2.2 MB pdf
004 Delay calibration of the Phased Array Feed usong observations of the South Celestial Pole Bannister, K. 2014-09-29 1.4 MB pdf
005 ASKAP antenna aperture efficiency estimation McConnell, D. 2015-06-03 2.2 MB pdf
006 The outer six antennas and the WALLABY and EMU survey times for a 30 PAF ASKAP array Heywood, I. 2015-05-07 1.2 MB pdf
007 Widefield polarimetric considerations for ASKAP Sault, R.J. 2015-05-05 714 kB pdf
008 Optimisation of the 2-km core of ASKAP–30 Westmeier, T. 2015-05-12 844 kB pdf
009 ASKAP antenna pointing calibration McConnell, D. 2015-05-27 656 kB pdf
010 Field structure at the focus of paraboloidal reflectors and comparison with ASKAP beams McConnell, D. 2016-02-02 11.6 MB pdf
011 Holographic Measurement of ASKAP Primary Beams Hotan, A. 2016-02-05 5.4 MB pdf
012 RFI Mitigation with BETA Bannister, K. 2016-03-07 4.7 MB pdf
013 Quantifying and mitigating correlated noise between formed beams on the ASKAP Phased Array Feeds Heywood, I. 2016-12-06 9.9 MB pdf
014 Estimating ASKAP beam to beam correlation McConnell, D. 2017-03-08 151 kB pdf
015 Observing with ASKAP: Optimisation for survey speed McConnell, D. 2017-10-03 2.53 MB pdf
016 ADE Frequency Configuration and Zoom Modes Bannister, K. 2017-04-20 650kB pdf
017 The Utility of the ASKAP On-Dish Calibration System Dowson, J. 2017-07-13 1.4MB pdf
018 Measuring ASKAP’s On-Dish Calibration Signal Level and its Impact on Beam Sensitivity Chippendale, A. 2018-10-31 2MB pdf
019 On-Dish Calibration of XY Phase for ASKAP’s Phased Array Feeds Aaron Chippendale and Craig Anderson 2019-04-15 1.02MB pdf

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