ACES memo series (ASKAP Commissioning & Early Science)

This series of  ASKAP Memoranda presents material arising from ASKAP Commissioning & Early Science (ACES) activities.

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  Title Author 1 Date Link
001 Beam geometry in ASKAP Reynolds, J.E. 2014-06-24 4.4 MB pdf
002 Initial characterisation of BETA polarimetric response Sault, R.J. 2014-09-22 372 kB pdf
003 The ASKAP Roll Axis—Preliminary study of its benefits to calibration and imaging Heywood, I. 2014-09-22 2.2 MB pdf
004 Delay calibration of the Phased Array Feed usong observations of the South Celestial Pole Bannister, K. 2014-09-29 1.4 MB pdf
005 ASKAP antenna aperture efficiency estimation McConnell, D. 2015-06-03 2.2 MB pdf
006 The outer six antennas and the WALLABY and EMU survey times for a 30 PAF ASKAP array Heywood, I. 2015-05-07 1.2 MB pdf
007 Widefield polarimetric considerations for ASKAP Sault, R.J. 2015-05-05 714 kB pdf
008 Optimisation of the 2-km core of ASKAP–30 Westmeier, T. 2015-05-12 844 kB pdf
009 ASKAP antenna pointing calibration McConnell, D. 2015-05-27 656 kB pdf
010 Field structure at the focus of paraboloidal reflectors and comparison with ASKAP beams McConnell, D. 2016-02-02 11.6 MB pdf
011 Holographic Measurement of ASKAP Primary Beams Hotan, A. 2016-02-05 5.4 MB pdf
012 RFI Mitigation with BETA Bannister, K. 2016-03-07 4.7 MB pdf
013 Quantifying and mitigating correlated noise between formed beams on the ASKAP Phased Array Feeds Heywood, I. 2016-12-06 9.9 MB pdf
014 Estimating ASKAP beam to beam correlation McConnell, D. 2017-03-08 151 kB pdf
015 Observing with ASKAP: Optimisation for survey speed McConnell, D. 2017-10-03 2.53 MB pdf
016 ADE Frequency Configuration and Zoom Modes Bannister, K. 2017-04-20 650kB pdf
017 The Utility of the ASKAP On-Dish Calibration System Dowson, J. 2017-07-13 1.4MB pdf
018 Measuring ASKAP’s On-Dish Calibration Signal Level and its Impact on Beam Sensitivity Chippendale, A. 2018-10-31 2MB pdf
019 On-Dish Calibration of XY Phase for ASKAP’s Phased Array Feeds Aaron Chippendale and Craig Anderson 2019-04-15 1.02MB pdf


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