Welcome to IAU Commission 40 for Radio Astronomy. Commission 40 is part of IAU Division B for Facilities, Technologies and Data Science.

Commission 40 brings together scientists and engineers who carry out observational and theoretical research in radio astronomy and who develop and operate the ground and space-based radio astronomy facilities and instrumentation that are used to explore the universe at radio wavelengths.

IAU Commission 40 for Radio Astronomy was first established in 1948. In 1997 it became the only Commission in Division X, and in 2012 it became part of the new Division B. As at June 2014 this Commission has approximately 1140 members from 49 countries. 3:30 PM 20/01/2015

News - 26 May 2015: Nominations for Organising Committees of the new Commissions

The IAU is now running a process for members to join the Organising Committees of the new Commissions and is seeking self-nominations from individuals who would like to be considered as OC members and OC Vice President.

We encourage anyone interested in helping with the organisation of the new Commission for Radio Astronomy to consider a self nomination. To do this please complete the online IAU Application Form. You will need to use your IAU login details to access this.

The new Commission for Radio Astronomy has the code C.B4. The incoming President of this Commission is Gabriele Giovannini.The deadline for self nominations is 1 June 2015 .

For further information on this process, please see the email from Thierry Montmerle sent on 20 May 2015, or contact Gabriele Giovannini (ggiovann@ira.inaf.it).


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