Welcome to IAU Commission 40 for Radio Astronomy. Commission 40 is part of IAU Division B for Facilities, Technologies and Data Science.

Commission 40 brings together scientists and engineers who carry out observational and theoretical research in radio astronomy and who develop and operate the ground and space-based radio astronomy facilities and instrumentation that are used to explore the universe at radio wavelengths.

IAU Commission 40 for Radio Astronomy was first established in 1948. In 1997 it became the only Commission in Division X, and in 2012 it became part of the new Division B. As at June 2015 this Commission has approximately 1,100 members from 49 countries.

Following the IAU reform process, in August 2015, following the General Assembly, this Commission will be replaced by Commision B4 for Radio astronomy. The incoming President of this Commission is Gabriele Giovannini.

For further information on the new Commission, please contact Gabriele Giovannini (ggiovann@ira.inaf.it).

IAU General Assembly XXIX: Radio astronomy and related meetings

IAU General Assembly XXIX will be held in Honolulu, Hawai'i, from 3 to 14 August 2015. This will include six Science Symposia, around 22 Focus Meetings on topics of special interest, Division meetings organised by the IAU Divisions and smaller 'splinter' meetings.

We advise IAU members of the following meetings of interest to radio astronomy that will be held during the General Assembly.

IAU GA XXIX: Radio astronomy and related meetings


IAU General Assembly XXIX: Resolution B4

Commission 40 has presented Resolution B4, for voting at the General Assembly. This resolution addresses the protection of radio astronomy observations in the frequency range 76 to 81 GHz from interference caused by car radars.

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