ATNF Science Program

Welcome to the ATNF Science Program. We lead and enable world-class science using the Australia Telescope National Facility. Here we briefly introduce the group members based either in Sydney (ATNF Headquarters, Marsfield) or in Perth (ARRC Building near Curtin), their main research area and contact details, and long-term visitors. Each CSIRO staff member can be reached by email - Firstname.Lastname at - and by phone.

Phone extensions: 

* CASS Sydney:   (02) 9372 xxxx (in Australia) and +61 2 9372 xxxx (from overseas).

* CASS Perth:      (08) 6436 xxxx (in Australia) and +61 8 6436 xxxx (from overseas).

ATNF Science meetings are held every first Tuesday of the month at 13:30h (Sydney time) / 10:30h (Perth time). Research morning teas are held every Wednesday morning (10-11am) at the CASS Headquarters in Marsfield. All Astrophysics Group members contribute to the Australia Telescope National Facility (ATNF) in various roles, eg. as Duty Astronomers and project scientist. Since September 2012 our group has a twitter feed. In Dec 2014 we started the ATNF Daily Astronomy Picture (ADAP), to which all ATNF staff and users are welcome to contribute. Our goal is to communicate the group's latest astrophysics results, publications and important events to fellow astronomers and the media. - All astrophysics and related publications are on ADS, (e.g., papers based on ATCA, Parkes, Mopra, MWA, and ASKAP observations).

ATNF Science Administrative Assistant: Amanda Gray (4642)

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ATNF Science Staff and Long-term Visitors

Craig Anderson Bolton Fellow - POSSUM member, magnetic fields   8519
George Bekiaris OCE Postdoctoral Fellow with B. Koribalski - WALLABY   4xxx
Hayley Bignall Postdoctoral Fellow - Variable sources, VLBI correlation, extreme scattering events   8518
Shi Dai OCE Postdoctoral Fellow - Pulsars   4149
Jo Dawson Joint UMacquarie/CASS staff - ISM in the Milky Way and Magellanic System   4441
Helga Denes Joint ANU/OCE Postdoctoral Fellow - Dark gas in the Milky Way, HI in galaxies   4260
Xinping Deng Joint MPIfR/CASS Postdoctoral Fellow - PAF at Parkes   4630
Phil Edwards Team Leader, SKA Project Scientist - VLBI   4717
Gulay Gurkan Uygun OCE Postdoctoral Fellow - Low frequency surveys and AGN/star formation   8533
Li Guo Visiting Postdoc - Pulsars   4xxx
Jimi Green Group Leader - Masers, Star Formation, Galactic Structure, Magnetism   4577
Lisa Harvey-Smith Group Leader - Masers, Star Formation, Planetary Nebulae, Magnetism, EMU/POSSUM/GASKAP member   4653
Aidan Hotan ASKAP Project Scientist, Commissioning    8543
Balt Indermuehle Senior Operations Scientist   4274
George Heald Team Leader, OCE Science Leader - POSSUM, MWA, magnetic fields in galaxies   8758
George Hobbs Team Leader, Parkes - Pulsars, PULSE @ Parkes   4652
Minh Huynh Team Leader, Senior Data Scientist - CASDA, ATCA Legacy Project PI (GLASS)   8696
Simon Johnston Senior Research Scientist - Pulsars, VAST member   4573
Dane Kleiner Postdoctoral Fellow with B. Koribalski - WALLABY   4xxx
Bärbel Koribalski OCE Science Leader - WALLABY PI, visualisation, ATCA Future Plan   4361
Karen Lee-Waddell OCE Postdoctoral Fellow with B. Koribalski - WALLABY; ACES member, HI in galaxy groups   4129
Juan Madrid OCE Postdoctoral Fellow with B. Koribalski - WALLABY; ACES member, HI bridges between galaxies   4xxx
Stacy Mader Parkes and ASKAP Operations and Computing, Spectral line science   6861 1766
David McConnell Acting Program Director, ASKAP Commissioning and Early Science Manager   4132
Maria Rioja Joint UWA/CASS researcher - MWA & VLBI imaging and calibration   8786
Chris Phillips eVLBI Project Scientist   4608
Wasim Raja ASKAP Computing   4135
Cormac Reynolds VLBI Scientist   8748
John Sarkissian Parkes Operations   6861 1769
Jamie Stevens Team Leader - ATCA Senior System Scientist   4064
Christopher Riseley OCE Postdoctoral Fellow - Low frequency radio surveys, galaxy clusters, and polarimetry   8602
Ryan Shannon Joint UCurtin/CASS Research Fellow - Pulsars   4326
Charlotte Sobey Joint Curtin/CASS Postdoctoral Fellow - Pulsars   8702
Robin Wark ATCA and ASKAP observer support   4609
Matthew Whiting Team Leader - ASKAP Computing   4683

CSIRO Fellows and emeritus astrophysics staff

Ron D. Ekers CSIRO Fellow, ATNF Foundation Director - Radio astronomy techniques   4600
Dick Manchester CSIRO Fellow - Pulsars, supernova remnants   4313
Dave Jauncey Emeritus staff - VLBI, inter-steller scintillation   -
Ray Norris Honorary Fellow - EMU PI, Galaxy origin and evolution, Aboriginal astronomy   4416

Research interests of other CASS Staff

Shaun Amy Computing   4452
Keith Bannister Research Engineer - Radio transients   4295
Douglas Bock CASS Director   4276
Kate Chow RQZ, SKA configuration analysis and infrastructure   4516
Vince McIntyre Computing   4643
Steve Ord ASKAP Computing   4186
Tasso Tzioumis Assistant Director - Engineering   4350
Maxim Voronkov ASKAP Computing   4427
Mark Wieringa Scientific Computing   4111


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