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AIPS stands for Astronomical Image Processing System. The package originates from NRAO. It is a mature package which has had regular releases for most of its life. Details of the current status and release history are available from the AIPS home page.

If you want to run AIPS at ATNF, refer to the local documentation.



AIPS was upgraded to 31DEC08. ATLOD was upgraded to 5.3h.

The 31DEC99 version, with ATNF customisations, is no longer available. ATLOD is the only custom AIPS task provided now.


Docmentation update.


AIPS was upgraded to NRAO version.

The old version (31DEC99), with ATNF customisations, will be available until 2007 January.

ATNF version

Between 1986 and 1999, ATNF maintained its own variant of AIPS.

The ATNF version of AIPS is no longer supported. We recommend you upgrade to the most recent NRAO version and install the ATLOD task. The ATLOD download package has complete instructions on how to do this.

Processing ATCA data

AIPS is not recommended for processing mm-wave observations (30 GHz and higher) from the ATCA. Even at 22 GHz there may be some extra calibration steps that are not available in AIPS. You should use the MIRIAD package instead.

Analysis of ATCA data with AIPS describes how AIPS can be used to reduce cm-wave data obtained using the Australia Telescope Compact Array. This document refers to the ATNF version of AIPS, so may be out of date in some aspects.

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