Equity and Diversity in the ATNF: Resources and links

CSIRO is committed to developing and maintaining a culture that respects, values and actively pursues the benefits of a diverse workforce and in which discriminatory policies and practices are not tolerated.

Detailed objectives, strategies and performance indicators to achieve this end are contained in:

Annual Report

An annual report was produced in December 2015 [500 kB], covering activities during 2014-2015 and highlights progress towards increasing awareness, demonstrating best practice and implementing initiatives around Diversity and Equity.

Conference Guidelines

Requirements for all CASS co-organized meetings (all meetings organized by CASS or having CASS organizing-committee members) should adhere to the following guidelines [64 kB].


For CSIRO visitors [external]

CSIRO has a Diversity and inclusion strategy:a large and diverse workforce and its people and culture are fundamental to its ability to innovate and deliver solutions that provide profound impact for Australia and globally.

The Diversity Inclusion Plan: Our 2012–15 Diversity and Inclusion Plan builds on the solid foundations of past plans, including the current Indigenous Engagement Strategy. In this plan we have focused our efforts on those areas we believe will produce a step change in performance.

Working with us

CSIRO is an equal opportunity employer. Staff are appointed or promoted on their individual merits and capacity to perform, regardless of sex, age, sexual orientation, marital status, race, ethnic origin, religion or disabilities. We recognise the diversity that different people bring and value the contributions they make to their team and the whole organisation.

Indigenous Engagement

CSIRO initiated its Indigenous Engagement Strategy in July 2007. The strategy aims to achieve greater Indigenous participation in CSIRO's research and development agenda and activities.

CSIRO's Learning & Development team also offer an Indigenous program Seeing Through Both Eyes. Staff may book to attend this through the SAP Learning Management System.

Nursing mothers

Facilities have been provided in all First Aid rooms within CSIRO to assist nursing mothers to express breast milk during working hours or when required.

Prayer rooms

Facilities are available within CSIRO for those wishing to make use of a prayer room during working hours or when required.

Diversity Council for Australia

As members of the Diversity Council for Australia, CSIRO has access to a wealth of best practice research and publications, along with the benefit of an exciting calendar of events providing the latest in diversity thinking.


For CSIRO staff [internal]

CSIRO’s People Policy supports flexibility, inclusiveness and diversity in our workforce.

Who can help?

Our growing diverse and inclusive culture is understood by all to support the excellence of our science, increase our impact for the nation and enhance our future vibrancy.

If you are experiencing difficulty with a work colleague/s there are a number of actions you may take to resolve the situation.

CASS Equity and Diversity contacts:

Equity and Diversity Officers are appointed to provide information and assistance to staff and to ensure that every member of staff can access an Equity and Diversity Officer.

You can also contact the nominated Ombudsmen for CASS, as well as the anonymous Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

Find out: who are my local Equity and Diversity Officers?

A full list of E&D Officers across CSIRO is available on the myCSIRO intranet.

GLBTI @ CSIRO staff network

The GLBTI@CSIRO staff network was established in 2013 to provide professional and social networking opportunities for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and intersex (GLBTI) identifying and GLBTI-friendly people across all sites and disciplines; both science and science-support.


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