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LBA Block Schedule for 2017APR:

  • August 8--13, 2017 UTC:

Already completed LBA sessions this semester

  • Out of session observations
    • 22 Apr 11:00-23:00 UTC, V447, AtMpHoCd(Auscope?)
    • 26 May 9:00-15:00 UTC, GS039/V555, AtMpCdHoHh-EVN
    • 9 Jun 6:30-19:30 UTC, V492b, AtMpTd
    • 20 Jun 17:00-22:00 UTC, V477/RA, AtMpHoCdHh-EVN
    • 25 Jun 12:30-19:00 UTC, V492d, AtMpTd

Last updated: 22-mar-2017 cjp