Using CASApy

CASA is the Common Astronomy Software Applications package provided by NRAO. The current implementation presents its functionality through a python user interface, casapy.

  • edit your ~/.login.packages (turn on casapy)
  • login to a 64-bit Linux machine (eg. 'serpens', 'hydra', 'draco')
  • The command:
    % which casapy
    should return: /nfs/casa/casapy/amd64/bin/casapy or /nfs/casa/casapy/64b/bin/casapy
  • Run:
    % casapy
    and the casapy GUI should appear.

CASA is being upgraded fairly freqently; if you want to run a different version than the latest one, look for the available versions in /nfs/casa. You will need to modify your $PATH variable to point to the right version:

% setenv PATH /nfs/casa/casapy-NN.x.bbbbb-ppp/64b/bin:${PATH}
% rehash

where the NN.x.bbbbb-ppp is the version you want, eg 32.1.15198-001.

This package does not have any support arrangements at present (2011-Jun). Best-effort help is available from the local computing staff. The NRAO cookbook is available in /nfs/casa.