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FWD: FITS activities

From: <mcalabre_at_email.protected>
Date: Tue, 19 Oct 2004 17:14:05 +1000

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Date: Thu 2004/10/14 14:38:39 -0400
From: William Pence <William.D.Pence_at_nasa.<!--nospam-->gov>
To: IAU-FWG <iaufwg_at_nrao.<!--nospam-->edu>
Subject: [iaufwg] FITS activities

Dear IAU-FWG members,

As you should have recently seen, the official Public Comment Period on the
2 binary table proposals has started on the FITSBITS newsgroup. Some of you
may want to consider repeating some of the comments that were made here on
the IAUFWG list, for the benefit of the larger FITSBIT audience, if you
think they are still relevant.

As a reminder, we are now into the 2nd week of the comment period on the
spectral WCS Paper. This is admittedly a very technical paper and is not
easy reading, so it is not expected that all IAU-FWG members must completely
understand and certify every statement in this paper in order to approve it.
  One important role of the IAUFWG, however, is to ensure that all required
procedures have been followed in the process of approving the paper, and
that every reasonable effort has been made to reach a consensus among the
experts who really do understand the paper. If you know of anyone who may
be interested in or affected by the FITS conventions that are proposed in
this paper, please make sure they are aware that the paper is in the final
stages of the approval process and that this may be the last opportunity to
raise any objections.

We also need to consider what is required in the way of 'interoperability'
testing of the proposed WCS conventions before approving them. The FITS
community has traditionally required that tests be performed to demonstrate
that the information encoded in the FITS files using the proposed
conventions can be transmitted to different systems with dissimilar hardware
and independently developed software. What sort of interoperability testing
of these WCS conventions would we want to see, and can reasonably expect to
see, before approving them?


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