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[atnf-data-reduction] Miriad updates

From: <mcalabre_at_email.protected>
Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2006 14:34:02 +1100

For those who maintain their own installation of Miriad.

You can keep your Miriad installation up-to-date conveniently in either
of two ways: by using 'mirsync' or a revised version of 'mirimport'.

A new utility, mirsync, is available for those who have ssh access to
a computer account at the ATNF. It is specifically intended for binary
installations and uses 'rsync' to update whatever components of Miriad
you have installed, including source code.

Since mirsync is new it will not be present if you installed Miriad
prior to the start of December. In that case you can fetch a temporary

  cd /tmp
  scp .
  chmod u+x mirsync

You should see mirsync fetch a copy of itself into the Miriad bin area,
therafter you can use that.

The particular advantage of mirsync over other methods is that it
faithfully reconstructs your Miriad installation to mirror ATNF's,
propagating any deletions. For this reason it is a good idea to
use 'mirsync -d' first to do a dry run to see what it might delete
before running it in earnest. The prologue to mirsync containing usage
instructions is appended.

mirimport has long been used to update Miriad source-code installations.
However it works somewhat differently now. Whereas the old version of
mirimport used compress'd tar files (.tar.Z) based on the old directory
structure and compilation scripts, the new version uses gzip'd tar files
(.tar.gz) based on the revised directory structure and code management
system. The new version fetches and installs the source code updates,
but unlike the old version it does not initiate a rebuild.

Note that as of Nov/14 updates for the old version of mirimport are no
longer produced. To get updates you will need to reinstall Miriad from
scratch using the new autoconf/gmake build system. Refer to the revised
Miriad installation notes for further information:

particularly the section "Getting regular updates" -

Note also that mirimport is no longer used within the ATNF. The Miriad
installations at Narrabri, Mopra, and Parkes are updated from Epping as
part of of the atapplic rsync/rdist.

Mark Calabretta


# Usage: mirsync -d [-h <host>] [-u <user>]
# mirsync uses rsync to update a Miriad installation from the master at ATNF.
# It requires ssh access to an ATNF computer, by default.
# mirsync refreshes each file (apart from MIRRC and that resides in
# the top-level Miriad directory, $MIR, and is also present on the master. It
# recursively refreshes each subdirectory of $MIR, DELETING anything it finds
# within each subdirectory tree that is not present on the master (except for
# RCS symlinks and $MIR/*/GNUmakedefs). Files and subdirectories in $MIR that
# are not present on the master remain untouched.
# With a few exceptions (see below) mirsync only updates files or subdirectory
# hierarchies that are already present in the local installation, i.e. it
# wouldn't create or update $MIR/darwin_x86/ if it didn't already exist. To
# fetch a file or subdirectory that does not already exist within $MIR simply
# create an empty version (e.g. mkdir $MIR/darwin_x86) before running mirsync.
# Options:
# -d Dry-run, don't change anything.
# -h <host>
# Specify the name of the ATNF host from which to rsync. External
# access to the ATNF network is only allowed via
# and this is the default. Within the ATNF, atlas, the host that
# serves the Miriad directory hierarchy, is a better choice.
# -u <user>
# Specify your ATNF account name if your local account name differs.
# Exceptions:
# $MIR/*/GNUmakedefs ...never updated.
# $MIR/.../RCS ...never updated.
# $MIR/DISCLAIMER ...always updated.
# $MIR/cat/ ...always updated.
# $MIR/doc/ ...always updated.
# $MIR/html/ ...always updated.
# $MIR/man/ ...always updated.
# $MIR/scripts/ ...always updated.
# $MIR/specdoc/ ...always updated.
# Original: 2006/11/28 Mark Calabretta, ATNF
# $Id: mirsync,v 1.4 2006/12/14 06:54:30 cal103 Exp $
Received on 2006-12-19 14:34:29