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ATUC Meeting

at the ATNF in Epping, Sydney

- April 11/12, 2002 -

List of participants:

Name Affiliation
Barnes, David USwin
Corbett, Elisabeth AAO
Getts, Tracy USyd
Gibson, Brad Swinburne
Green, Anne (Chair) USyd
Jackson, Carole RASS
McIntyre, Vince (Secretary) ATNF
Mitchell, Daniel USyd/ATNF
Walker, Mark USyd/ATNF

Proposed list of speakers:

Name Affiliation
Brooks, John ATNF
Chapman, Jessica ATNF
Hall, Peter ATNF
Killeen, Neil ATNF
McIntyre, Vince ATNF
Norris, Ray ATNF
Reynolds, John ATNF
Sault, Bob ATNF
Staveley-Smith, Lister ATNF
Tzioumis, Tasso ATNF

Last modified: April 09 2002.