ATUC Meeting

at Narrabri

- November 27, 1998 -



    Open Session (9:00 - 12:30)
  1. Welcome & Introduction (Anne Green) 5 min
  2. ATNF Director's report (Ron Ekers) 40 min
  3. Observatory Director reports
    • ATCA (Dave McConnell) 20 min
    • Parkes (John Reynolds) 20 min
  4. National Facility Status / ACA report (John Whiteaok) 15 min
  5. MNRF update / Status report Mopra MOU (Ray Norris) 15 min
  6. VLBI Status report (Dave Jauncey) 10 min
  7. Synthesis Workshop report (Tasso Tzioumis) 10 min
  8. ATNF Data Access (Jessica Chapman) 10 min
    Closed Session (13:00 - 17:00)

  • ATUC Business Meeting - Preliminary Items
    • Welcome to New Members
    • Apologies
    • Additional Agenda Items

  • Matters arising from the Director's response to the previous ATUC Report

    • (0) Can ATUC comment on the clarification of policy for release of archival data, including data from student projects ?

    • (2) A revised policy for observations of transient sources has been proposed. Is this now equitable ?

    • (5) Some resources have been allocated to RFI mitigation. What further suggestions does ATUC have ? This item is scheduled as a separate item.

    • (6) A full resources costing for the 10/50 cm Parkes receiver is not yet available. Do we see a problem with manpower ? Could part of the RFI mitigation system be developed under the SKA project ?

  • Business matters:

    1. Triennium funding. ATUC has been asked to assign priorities for projects as a guide to the Steering Committee, which is to make recommendations for the next funding cycle for CSIRO. Details to be advised.

    2. Issues concerning VLBI. Suggestions from ATUC are welcomed on how best to proceed with incorporating VLBI as a full sector of the ATNF. What further definition of the system is required to promote more accessible use by a wider fraction of the astronomical community ?

    3. RFI mitigation - what suggestions do we have on the short term & long term proposals for each of the Observatory sites?
      (see e.g. the MNRF Interference Excision Project and ATNF RFI Characterisation

      Issues concerning ATCA & Mopra

    4. Will ATUC endorse a proposal to interrupt scheduled observations at ATCA to pursue wind-loading tests on the new panels so an assessment of pointing fidelity can be made ?

    5. How should the new configurations (EW sooner, NS later) be introduced to the published schedule of array configurations? Which EW stations should be cabled first ? Does ATUC endorse the naming convention proposed by the OIC ?

    6. Can ATUC recommend timing for trialling flexible scheduling (or organisation of the debate to decide issues)? The schedule for receiver testing, repanelling will need to be available.

    7. The Memorandum of Understanding with UNSW on Mopra is being drafted. What suggestions can ATUC make on the allocation of time/support etc ?

    8. Can ATUC review the priority for retro-fitting the narrow band 22 GHz receiver at Mopra as a wide-band receiver ? There seems to be a concern regarding manpower availability.

    9. Synthesis Workshop - we have been asked to comment on the frequency, location, costing and format for future workshops.

      Issues concerning Parkes:

    10. The Multibeam project team would like to acknowledge the present support from the ATNF. Can ATUC suggest a mechanism to ensure future support?

    11. Can ATUC make recommendations on the single-dish observing modes that we would like to see supported ? How does ATUC view progress on Documentation at Parkes (and Mopra) ? Is there a role for a separate Development Plan for computer software/systems ? What priority would we assign to the implementation of:
      • a) the replacement of SPECTRA and SPOT at Parkes by TCS.
      • b) development of the narrow-band multibeam mode.
      • c) development of the multibeam software for modes such as point-and-shoot, to replace current SPECTRA functionality.
      • d) ATOMS.
      • e) use of one beam of the MB system as a reference signal.

      General issues:

    12. Annual Report - ATUC has been asked to make a comment.

    13. Next meeting - in March, 1999 the joint ATNF/AAO Symposium is scheduled between the AAT Board and the AT Steering Committee meetings. ATUC has valuable input to the Steering Committee, so we need to choose an appropriate date.

    14. Suggestions to the Steering Committee for future members of ATUC.

    15. Other business?

    16. Report to Director.