ATUC Meeting

at the ATNF in Epping, Sydney

- March 23, 1999 -



    Closed Session (13:00 - 17:00)

  • ATUC Business Meeting - Preliminary Items
    • Apologies
    • Additional Agenda Items

  • Matters arising from the Director's response to the previous ATUC Report
    • ...

  • Business matters:

      Issues concerning Triennium funding:

    1. Triennium funding (2000-2003). ATUC has been asked to assign priorities for a few additional projects (which were not discussed in the previous meeting) as a guide to the Steering Committee, which is to make recommendations for the next funding cycle for CSIRO. The science cases have been presented in the open session.
      • 2GHz bandwidth upgrade to the ATCA
        (was considered less important by ATUC in prioritising the triennium funding options during the last meeting)
      • Real time fibre link between Mopra and ATCA
      • ATCA operators
      • Full 7mm system

    2. Triennium funding (1997-2000). ATUC has been asked to comment on the "Objectives and Key Potential Outcomes 1997-2000 --- National Facility Operation" from the last triennium plan:

      • Operate, and provide access to, the observatories, the VLBI facility, and data reduction facilities, to the satisfaction of the community of scientific users.
      • Schedule at least 50% of time on the Parkes and Narrabri telescopes for astronomical observations, and ensure that time lost during scheduled observing periods as a result of instrumentation failures will be less than 5%.
      • Develop operational support for space VLBI missions and geodesy observations.
      • Provide the appropriate tools and information to ATNF users to enable them to extract the most science from their research.
      • Make the public aware of the sector through successful operation of the Parkes and Narrabri visitor's centres.

    3. How responsive is ATNF to suggestions by ATUC ? (question from the AT Steering Committee) What are the key performance indicators to be noted ?

      Issues concerning ATCA & Mopra:

    4. What is the value and potential of real time data processing ? (possible demonstration)

    5. Is there a scientific advantage if the new EW stations (352, 367) are both offered in one observing term ?

    6. Would it be useful for the Narrabri DA to carry a beeper ?

      Issues concerning Parkes:

    7. Parkes spectral ripple: can ATUC comment on the proposed modifications ?

    8. How broad is the interest in the Bonn Polarimeter ?

      Issues concerning VLBI:

    9. What are the implications of establishing a VLBI Centre in Hobart ?
      (SRC proposal has been submitted this year)

      General issues:

    10. ATUC has been asked to comment on the publication analysis, especially on the difference in publication output between Australian and non-Australian users.

    11. What is the time scale for withdrawing AIPS support ?

    12. Should the Epping visitor lodge be improved ? Specifically, should shared rooms be discontinued ?

    13. Next meeting - two days in November, 1999

    14. Suggestions to the Steering Committee for future members of ATUC.

    15. Other business?

    16. Report to the Director.