Video/Telecon Details

This year remote connections will be handled through WebEx-enabled Telepresence.

Note that you can use WebEx to get the presentation feed (with no audio!) and call using a regular telephone if desired. This may result in better audio quality, particularly over slow connections.

To join from your desktop or mobile device (audio, video and presentation):
        *NB - Remember to connect with audio AND start your video!

To join from a room based hardware system or .H323/SIP client:

        See also: How to connect:

To join with AUDIO ONLY from a normal telephone:

        Call-in Toll (Canberra, Australia):     +61 2 6246 4433
        Other Call-in Phone Numbers:
        Meeting Number/Access Code:      571 909 824


Need help? User guides, videos and FAQs can be found here: 909 824