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Researchers in Residence Forum

22:00-01:00 Fri 24 Sep 2004

ATNF Marsfield Lecture Theatre


"Researchers in Residence: Their Impact in the School Classroom."

This forum focuses on the concept of linking young researchers with students and teachers in schools. The key presentation will be by Dr Marilyn Brodie and Dr Stuart Bevins from Sheffield Hallam University in the UK.

Their talk will outline the origins of the PPARC-initiated "Researchers in Residence" scheme in the UK. It addresses why there was and still is a need to enthuse school students for science, particularly the physical sciences, and engineering such that they would want to continue their studies post-compulsory education. The project now covers all the sciences plus the social sciences, arts and humanities and involves postdoctoral researchers as well as PhD researchers. It has been in operation since 1995 and has placed over 3000 researchers in about 2000 schools/colleges, involving about 2000 teachers and in the region of 150,000 pupils.
All researchers and teachers have always been invited to evaluate their involvement but pupils responses have come via the teacher. This last year we have been researching the pupils attitudes directly and the findings are proving extremely valuable and some of the findings will be available for discussion.

Following the presentation by Marilyn Brodie and Stuart Bevins we will have a forum where representatives from the Department of Education, CEO and AIS, teachers from the various school systems, Science Teachers Association of NSW, CSIRO Education, CSIRO scientists and others will discuss the issues associated with linking scientists with students and teachers. It will be a valuable opportunity for those involved in the field to share their experience and ideas with others.

Intending participants are asked to register their attendance with Rob Hollow (02) 9372 4247. Lunch will provided following the forum.


Robert Hollow

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