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International Pulsar Timing Array: 2012 Science Meeting and Student Workshop

09:00 Mon 18 Jun to 17:00 Fri 29 Jun 2012

Sydney University and Kiama, NSW


The International Pulsar Timing Array 2012 Science Meeting and Student Workshop will be held in New South Wales, Australia from 18-29 June 2012.

The student workshop will be held on the campus of Sydney University from 18-22 June 2012. The theme for this year’s workshop is “Data Analysis in the Era of the International Pulsar Timing Array”. The curriculum includes a series of lectures and week-long projects relating to analysis of pulsar data. Lecture subjects will include precision pulsar timing, searching for pulsars, and gravitational wave detection with pulsar timing arrays. The projects are designed to suit undergraduate students to postdoctoral researchers. Students will also get hands-on experience (remotely) operating the Parkes 64 metre radio telescope. The deadline for registering for the school is 31 March 2012.

The science meeting will be held in the seaside resort town of Kiama, on the South Coast of New South Wales from 25-29 June 2012. The science meeting will be a sharing among the IPTA participants of recent results, challenges to be overcome, and future plans. There will be ample time for contributed talks on the science of pulsar timing arrays and collaborative work with international colleagues.

The conference and summer school are heavily subsidized by the NSF’s Partnerships for International Research and Education with additional support from CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science.

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