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Lars Flöer (University of Bonn)

Source finding and parametrization for the Effelsberg-Bonn HI Survey -- Lars Flöer Colloquium

The Australia Telescope National Facility Colloquium
15:00-16:00 Wed 26 Sep 2012

Marsfield Lecture Theatre


The Effelsberg-Bonn HI Survey (EBHIS) is a novel HI survey that uses the Effelsberg radio telescope to map the sky north of declination -5°. By using modern FPGA spectrometers, EBHIS has both large bandwidth and high spectral resolution, which allows us to conduct a galactic and extragalactic HI survey in parallel. This makes EBHIS the northern counterpart to both the GASS and HIPASS surveys conducted with the Parkes radio telescope. In my talk I will highlight a few technical aspects of EBHIS, show first results from the galactic part of the survey and then discuss our efforts in source finding and parametrization of the extragalactic part of the survey. I will show that wavelet based denoising is a powerful and robust tool for source finding in spectroscopic imaging surveys and discuss the challenges and efforts made in automatic parametrization of detected sources.

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