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Non-astronomy applications for the chequerboard array

10:00-16:00 Mon 22 Oct 2012

Marsfield lecture theatre


We will be holding an informal (probably half day) workshop on Oct 22 to explore people's interest and ideas on concepts beyond astronomy for the chequerboard connected array. This is a CSIRO internal event and I encourage you to come along with open minds and new ideas. If you would like to give a short talk on an idea you have, please send me an email ( If you have colleagues in other divisions within CSIRO who might have applications for the chequerboard array, please forward them this invitation, or let me know and I will contact them directly.

Some potential areas of application:

1. Body Imaging
2. Broadband communications
3. Defence
4. Remote sensing and Earth Observations
5. Spacecraft tracking

The program of talks for the workshop will be decided once we gauge better idea the level of interest in this meeting. I will send out a calendar invitation shortly.


Ilana Feain

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