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ATNF/AAO Bolton Symposium 2012

09:00 Tue 04 Dec to 09:00 Thu 06 Dec 2012


The ATNF/AAO Bolton Symposium provides an excellent opportunity for:
i) postdocs from around Australia to showcase the great science that they have done in 2012;
ii) improving collaborations between institutions;
iii) interacting socially in both formal and informal settings

The year's program will feature invited talks by Fred Watson ("Great Collaborations in Astronomy") and Darren Croton ("How to give a good talk?"). We will also expect to host two fun events (Pizza in the Park & a Harbour Cruise conference dinner) where science discussions and collaborations can be fostered in a more casual setting. Best of all, this Symposium is *free* for all postdocs !

This event will be held at the ATNF Lecture Theatre in Marsfield, NSW, from 4-6 December 2012. Although the primary purpose of the Bolton Symposium is for postdocs, we encourage more senior astronomers to attend as well as students to see all the great science that is being done by astronomy postdocs across Australia.

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Keith Bannister, Iraklis Konstantopoulos & Ivy Wong,,

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